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Subject: Re: <sigh/> 4.2?

>Q: Can I fix a non-normative part of the DTD without reving the
version number? The docbook.cat file included in the XML version of
4.1 has a few errors. It was accidentally missing from the 4.0
distribution and I foolishly published 4.1 without a beta. Damn my

The way Ralph put it some years ago, you don't ever want to have
two packages floating around that have the same version number
but are actually different.  So no, if you make a change to
a part you have to rev the version number of that part
and of the distribution.  

Now, we might introduce a version number for the distribution
that is distinct from the version number for the normative part
of the DTD; I don't have an opinion on whether that would be
a good idea, but probably Eduardo and Dennis do.

regards, Terry

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