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Subject: ["Scott McGrath" <scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org>] Final OASIS TCMeeting Schedule Schedule for XML 2000, Washington DC

FYI: we have a schedule at last.

Greetings Chairs and interested parties,

The Schedule for OASIS Technical Committee and Discussion Group
meetings is current as follows:

DocBook  - Wednesday Morning, All day Thursday in  Suite 8212, in
the Park Tower.

Registry & Repository - All day Tuesday  in Suite 8212, in the
Park Tower.

CIQ - Wednesday  1pm to 9 pm in Suite 8212, in the Park Tower.

XSLT Wednesday 6:30pm to 8 pm. Committee meeting. Public invited
8-10 pm. Room TBA

I will be publicly announcing these meetings, with your email
addresses as point of contact for further information

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be having a reception for all members and
public Wednesday night-the only night the space is avaiable.  This
will feature info on the OASIS TC process and how to
participate! -- A natural lead-in to Ken's public meeting and the
continuation of Ram's meeting.  It will be at 7pm, when the expo
floor closes, until 8pm.  I know this conflicts somewhat with
Ken's and Ram's schedule but it is a great opportunity to
illustrate your committee work to the public.  If anyone wants a
public meeting to follow the Reception as well, I still have one
room available.

Additionally, I have a meeting room all day Monday and 3 rooms
available Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Let me know if you have
plans for public or private meetings that will use this available

Best Regards

Scott McGrath
Member Services Manager

Organization for the Advancement of
Structured Information Standards

+1 978 667 5115  (US & Int'l Voice)
+1 978 667 5114  (US and Int'l Fax)

PO Box 455
Billerica, MA  01821

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