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Subject: Re: Section doesn't allow SimpleSect?

| Sect1-Sect5 can all terminate with a simplesect. Section cannot.
| Did we do that intentionally?

Reflecting on this while destroying unwanted plants in the 
garden, I think yes and no.  Maybe.

 - Simplesect came before section, I think.  Am I wrong?
 - Section's goal was absolute genericity (if not generousity)
	below the Chapter or Article level
 - it was not a part of the goal to enable Simplesect

So while we probably just forgot about Simplesect, it's not
inappropriate that we didn't allow for it.  If we'd thought
about it, we might well have left it out intentionally.

Does someone want Simplesect in Section, or does the question
arise from stylesheet exercises (anyone remember Czerny?)?

regards, Terry

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