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Subject: Re: [David Lloyd <lloy0076@rebel.net.au>] Request for Enhancement -DATEElement

/ Eduardo Gutentag <eduardo.gutentag@eng.sun.com> was heard to say:
| Since I'm not supposed to send mail directly to the tc, I'll bug you.

Oh, please, post to the TC list, Eduardo :-)

| What is this supposed to solve that a stylesheet can't?

Stylesheets aren't particularly good at dealing with text strings.
And dates really are structured values.

What should a stylesheet do with <date>20001211</date>,
<date>11 Dec 2000</date>, <date>11/12/2000</date>,
<date>12/11/2000</date>, and <date>2000-12-11</date>?

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman.Walsh@East.Sun.COM | It is better to waste one's youth than to
XML Technology Center     | do nothing with it at all.--Georges
Sun Microsystems, Inc.    | Courteline

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