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Subject: Re: [David Lloyd <lloy0076@rebel.net.au>] Request for Enhancement -DATEElement

++| What is this supposed to solve that a stylesheet can't?
++Stylesheets aren't particularly good at dealing with text strings.
++And dates really are structured values.
++What should a stylesheet do with <date>20001211</date>,
++<date>11 Dec 2000</date>, <date>11/12/2000</date>,
++<date>12/11/2000</date>, and <date>2000-12-11</date>?

I'm confused. What I saw in the attachment of Lloyd's mail was a content model 
for <date> that includes <day>, <year> and <month>.

So presumably you would not get <date>20001211</date>. You would get

which I think is easy to process, is it not.

So then I get to Terry's question.

"For what reason related to software documentation do we need 
date inline?"

I'm not sure if the I18N argument is specifically applicable to computer
documentation but it certainly is an issue.


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