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Subject: Rough minutes from 23 Feb 2001 telcon

Meeting called to order at 13:05 EST.

1. Roll call

Karl Best (Observing)
Dennis Evans
Sabine Ocker
Michael Sabrio
Norman Walsh, Chair

2. Accept minutes of the previous meeting


3. Suggestions for changes to the agenda

No changes.

4. Review of Action Items
   4.1 (Norm) to fix RFE database


   4.2 Discuss on list: EBNF

Continued, assigned to Norm.

   4.3 Discuss on list: allow date to occur inline

Discussed. Action: Rejected.

   4.4 Discuss on list: newsgroup element or class on systemitem

Continued, assigned to Norm

   4.5 (Norm) Ask author what was meant by RFE 135 (po tag)

No reply. Action: Rejected.

   4.6 (Norm) Ask for more detail on RFE 136 (co in userinput)


   4.7 (Dennis) Investigate problems caused by removing OLink


  Action: to Micheal S. investigate problems caused by removing OLink

   4.8 (Norm) Concrete proposal for linking in 5.0
       - After Dennis reports
       - If XLink is a REC before 5.0


5. Discussion of technical issues
   5.1 142 Add inline markup for CPU registers

Add class 'Register' to SystemItem. This fits with our design
principle of providing support and we can explode it out later.


   5.2 143 Add xml:space attribute to linespecific environments

Accepted, in the XML version only, add it as a #FIXED attribute.

   5.3 144 Add introductory material to lists

Already accepted. Failed to record in the previous minutes.

   5.4 145 Allow additional material after the last step in a Procedure

Sabine will start discussion on the list and conduct an email
vote. Voting to commence no later than 12 March and conclude COB EST
no sooner than 16 Mar.

   5.5 146 Extend textobject to insert external files

Pending. Action to norm: make a concrete proposal.

   5.6 147 Add coref

Pending. Action to norm: make a concrete proposal.

   5.7 133 Newsgroup element

Pending. Action to norm: ask the list.

6. Discuss next meeting (at XML Europe)

May have to cancel because quorum will not be achievable. Will report
further in advance of the meeting.

Adjouned by chair, 14:08 EST.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Do not try to live forever. You
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | will not succeed.--George Bernard
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | Shaw

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