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Subject: RFE 144 and 145

Hello all,

I'd like to formally request that we re-open RFE 144 for discussion.

I recognize the need for document authors to be able to mark up
introductory text so that it travels with the list it introduces--
also the need for text that _follows_ a list to optionally travel with
it too-- but I don't understand why it can't be handled with the
existing list content models; for example, by marking it up like this:

  <para>The current implementation of the product does not yet
  fully support the following items:

       <para>namespace attribute inheritance</para>
        <para>nested grammars</para>
        <para>parent attribute on the ref element</para>

  However, those items will be supported in future versions.

Are there case where that's not adequate?

I have other reasons in mind for why the list content models shouldn't
change, and also for why the <procedure> structure shouldn't be used
as a model for other elements, but I'll hold off on them for now.
Instead of trying to pour it all into one message, I'd rather get a
discussion going first and hear everyone else's ideas on this.

  --Mike Smith

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