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Subject: Minutes: DocBook TC Meeting: 19 Jun 2001

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 19 Jun 2001

Meeting called to order at 13:04 by the chair.

| Agenda
| ------
| 1. Roll call

Norman Walsh, Chair
Sabine Ocker
Michael Sabrio
Michael Smith


Dennis Evans

Having failed to attend three consecutive meetings,
Sunthar Visuvalingam's membership in the TC lapses.

| 2. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous meeting


| 3. Review of the agenda


| 4. Review of open action items
|    a. Norm to clarify status of EBNF, MathML, and HTML Forms modules


|    b. Norm to add class='newsgroup' to systemitem


|    c. Norm to write concrete proposal for <co> in inlines that can
|       occur in screen


Moved to accept the proposal.

Accepted without objection.

Action: Norm to implement the proposal.

|    d. Norm to write a concrete proposal for linking in DocBook 5.0

Continued, the XLink WG isn't finished yet.

|    e. Norm to move open RFEs to SourceForge


|    f. Norm to publish closed RFEs as a static page for historical reference


|    g. M. Sabrio to investigate what elements his group would like
|       to put metadata on


Action: M. Sabrio to post to the docbook list.

Attibutes vs. elements?

Norm suggests that elements are probably better since they would
potentially allow for multiple namespaces (Dublin Core, OMF, etc.)
They also allow for richer content.

|    h. Norm to propose new "name and address" markup


|    i. Dennis to ask local help author for information on help topic
|       authoring

Transferred to Sabine. See item 6, below.

|    j. Norm to add section.class parameter entity


|    k. Norm to post note about expanding the content model of filename
|       and certain other inlines to the list.


|    l. Norm to publish a version of the Simplified DocBook DTD as an
|       official test release.


| 5. Expanding the content model of filename and certain other inlines
|    Action, Command, Database, Filename, Hardware, Interface, KeyCap,
|    Literal, Option, Parameter, Property, and SystemItem.

Moved to accept the proposal.

Accepted without objection.

Action: Norm to implement the proposal.

| 6. Adapting DocBook for more topic-oriented manuals

Action: Sabine to continue Dennis's action item and write an initial

| 7. Content model issues relating to lists and procedures.

Action: Sabine to post a summary of continuing discussions.

| 8. Any other business


| 9. Review of Requests for Enhancement (RFEs)
|    412476 Class on ProductName should be #IMPLIED

Proposed: make it #IMPLIED in V6.0

Accepted without objection.

Action: Norm to implement the proposal

|    413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME

This is generic linking again, leave pending.

|    416478 FigureGroup tag


It seems that the author could get the desired result in several other
ways: by placing several images in a single <figure> wrapper, by using
another container to hold them, or by using role attributes. This
appears to be a rendering issue.

|    417671 add section element to refentry


Action: Norm to implement.

|    423598 Content models that allow BridgeHead


Action: Norm to implement.

|    424577 Make refsection parallel to section

Duplicate of 417671.

|    425730 Create an SVG module


Action: Norm to implement.

|    426382 Allow SimpleSect inside Section


Action: Norm to implement.

|    431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability


|    431412 RFE 113: proc. exp. of RevHistory order

Closed. Note that there is no order.

Action: Norm to update the documentation.

|    431413 RFE 121: add markup for signals

Proposed: suggest adding two new class values, 'Event' and
'EventHandler' to SystemItem.

Accepted without objection.

Action: Norm to contact the original author and see if this satisfies
the use cases.

|    431415 RFE 124: add markup for host identifiers

Previously accepted:

  We already have a class on systemitem for systename. We suggest that
  these are further useful class values for systemitem but do not
  warrant a unique element name. We'll add the following class
  attributes to systemitem: domainname, fqdomainname, ipaddress,
  netmask, etheraddress.  We consider hostname already covered by

Action: Norm to implement.

|    431417 RFE 126: allow SimpleSect in Section

Duplicate of 426382.

|    431418 RFE 128: typing and linking in funcdef

Previously accepted:

  We'll add type to the content model of funcdef and paramdef to allow
  authors to specify that types are in fact types. Linking will be
  handled by XLink in some future version.

Action: Norm to implement.

|    431419 RFE 130: markup protocol, FS type, part.

Previously accepted:

  Protocol is another example of a case where we need to consider the
  design more carefully (what other things are like protocols); in the
  meantime use literal, phrase, or some other markup with a role

  We'll add 'filesystem' to the class attribute of systemitem.

  We'll add 'partition' to the class attribute of filename.

Action: Norm to implement.

|    ?????? Add language attribute to fieldsynopsis et al.

Proposal: Add language attribute to fieldsynopsis,
          constructorsynopsis, destructorsynopsis, and methodsynopsis

Accepted without objection.

Action: Norm to implement.

Meeting adjourned at 13:59 by the chair.

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200105/msg00009.html
[2] http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/
[3] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200106/msg00059.html
[4] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=384107&group_id=21935&func=browse
[5] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200106/msg00049.html

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Words--so innocent and powerless
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | they are, as standing in a
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | dictionary, how potent for good
                                   | and evil they become, in the hands
                                   | of one who knows how to use
                                   | them!--Nathaniel Hawthorne

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