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Subject: [SGMLdk@aol.com] DOCBOOK: Speaker for XML for Publishers Day atSeybold San Francisco

Hi everybody. Would the work that you all are doing with DocBook at
Sun and HP qualify as a use in "the corporate publishing environment"?
If so, does anybody have time to go and speak at this thing? If not,
maybe we can think of someone else who might be able to do it.


Hi Everyone,
I am chair for the XML and Publishing Day.  I am currently looking for anyone
to speak about how they use XML (and DocBook) in the corporate publishing
environment.  I have plenty of commercial publishing speakers, but am really
struggling to come up with corporate publisher speakers.

The panel is at 1:00 pm on Thursday September 27th at Moscone Center:
If anyone using Docbook XML is willing to speak, plse reply or pass this
along.  It would be a great opportunity to give some PR to Docbook!

Dianne Kennedy
Chair XML in Publishing Day
Seybold San Francisco

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