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Subject: Minutes: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting: 21 Aug 2001

| DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 21 Aug 2001
| ========================================================

Meeting called to order at 13:06 EDT by the chair.

| Agenda
| ------
| 1. Roll call


Dennis Evans
Patricia Gee-Best (observing)
Sabine Ocker
Michael Sabrio
Michael Smith
Norman Walsh
Nancy Harrison (observing)

Action: Norm to make sure there's a link to the RFEs from the DocBook
        home page.

| 2. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous meeting


| 3. Review of the agenda


| 4. Review of open action items
|    a. Norm to implement <co> in <screen> proposal[2]


|    b. Norm to write a concrete proposal for linking in DocBook 5.0


|    c. Norm to publish closed RFEs as a static page for historical reference


|    d. M. Sabrio to post metadata message on DocBook list


|    e. Norm to propose new "name and address" markup


|    f. Sabine to draft initial proposal for help topic authoring


|    g. Norm to add section.class parameter entity


|    h. Norm to implement the proposal to expanding the content model
|       of filename and certain other inlines


|    i. Sabine to post a summary of continuing discussions about the
|       content model of lists and procedures.


|    j. RFE 412476: Norm to make ProductName #IMPLIED
|    k. RFE 417671: Norm to add refsection element to refentry
|    l. RFE 423598: Norm to add FU for content models that allow BridgeHead
|    m. RFE 425730: Norm to create an SVG module
|    n. RFE 426382: Norm to allow SimpleSect inside Section
|    o. RFE 431412: Norm to document proc. exp. of RevHistory order
|    p. RFE 431413: Norm to query submitter (about event and eventhandler)
|    q. RFE 431415: Norm to add markup for host identifiers
|    r. RFE 431418: Norm to add typing to funcdef and paramdef
|    s. RFE 431419: Norm to add markup for FS type and partition
|    t. RFE 434439: Norm to add language attribute to fieldsynopsis et al.

Completed j-t. These, and the preceding completed actions are
available in the CVS repository[3][4].

| 5. Release schedule
|    Do we need a schedule for point releases? How often should we do them?

Norm proposes that we should make more frequent point-releases. Now
that the committee is active, we don't have to wait for the next major
version release.

Mike Smith: Changes like the pathname fix in filename should go out
more quickly.


  Point releases no more often than once a quarter (and only if the TC
  feels a need). Candidate point releases at least a quarter in
  advance. Bug fixes within the quarter. A release occurs at the end
  of the candidate quarter if and only if no bugs have been reported
  in the month before the end of a candidate period.


| 6. XML Character Entity distribution
|    Private conversation with ISO representatives confirms that ISO has
|    no plans to issue normative 8879 XML entity sets. (In fact, the
|    8879 entities are not normative.) Private conversation with Karl
|    Best suggests that forming a TC to publish the XML entity sets is
|    probably overkill. We can probably do it as a TC work product.

Proposed: The DocBook TC will produce a set of XML entities as a
separate Committee Specification that are modelled on the published
TR9573 entities.


| 7. Charter update

Proposed: The DocBook TC Charter be revised as follows:

|    The purpose of this committee is to develop and maintain the DocBook
|    family of specifications. In particular, this TC maintains the XML
|    and SGML DocBook DTDs, a suite of extension modules, and a simplified
|    authoring subset of DocBook. The TC may also support other schema
|    languages in the future and may develop additional modules and
|    derived document types.
|    The DocBook TC will also develop specifications based on previously
|    published standards for use in the XML version of DocBook and other
|    related XML specifications; the first such specification will be based
|    on previously published ISO 9573 entity sets (themselves an extension
|    of the ISO 8879 entity sets).


| 8. Review of Requests for Enhancement (RFEs)
|    Pending RFEs:
|    413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME (linking)

Leave pending until a general linking proposal is available.

|    425730 Create an SVG module (waiting for SVG WG)

Leave pending until the SVG WG publishes an appropriately
parameterized DTD.

|    431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability (linking)

Leave pending until a general linking proposal is available.

|    431413 RFE 121: add markup for signals


Action: Norm to implement.

|    431418 RFE 128: typing and linking in funcdef (linking)

Leave pending until a general linking proposal is available.

|    Open RFEs:
|    431858 non XML syntax

Closed: use Markup

|    434838 add partintroinfo element

Leave pending until metadata proposal is available.

Action: Norm to make sure that metadata is a discussion topic on next
month's agenda.

|    435466 %beginpage.exclusion; not used in dbpool

Just a typo, because they aren't useful in XML. Closed.

|    435518 Allow bibliography in refsect1

Norm notes that Bibliography, Glossary, and perhaps Index go together.

Closer inspection of the RFE reveals that the author wants BG&I to
appear at the end of a refentry, not at the end of each refsect*.

Dennis notes that adding BG&I to the end of RefEntry would seriously
disturb the content model of RefEntry.

How do authors do it now? They just hack it up with paragraphs.

Norm notes that this is sub-optimal because then stylesheets have no
markup to do proper Bibliography formatting or proper cross-reference

Norm suggests that BiblioList could be added, parallel to GlossList,
which would allow authors to create a RefSect1 that effectively
contains a bibliography.

Proposed: consensus is not forming. Post to DocBook list and ask them.

Action: Norm to post.

|    436067 splitting tech.char.class

Leave pending until a general PE-reorganization proposal is available.

|    436068 explicit grouping of used param entities


|    436072 Need for an infosdiv.contents entity


Action: Norm to implement.

Norm notes that we're out of time. Suggests that the following issues
be discussed on the TC list so that we're sure to get through them
next month.

Ajourned at 14:02 EDT by the chair.

|    438332 Add optional Glossary to Set
|    439136 Allow literallayout in epigraph
|    439938 specify link destination for area
|    440081 No example for ReleaseInfo
|    440597 add svg to imagedata format enumeration
|    440667 Affiliation lacks CorpName
|    441883 endterm behavior in link
|    444337 epilogue in dtd?
|    451030 xref to block
|    451032 xref format subelement

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200106/msg00003.html
[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200106/msg00059.html
[3] http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/docbook/docbook/xml/?only_with_tag=V50-devel
[4] http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/docbook/docbook/sgml/?only_with_tag=V50-devel

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | As the old hermit of Prague, that
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | never saw pen and ink, very
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | wittily said to the niece of King
                                   | Gorboduc, 'That that is,
                                   | is'.--Shakespeare

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