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docbook-tc message

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Subject: DocBook TC meeting at XML 2001

Karl Best wrote:
> Chairs:
> On Thursday and Friday OASIS will sponsor technical committee meetings.
> We will provide meeting facilities for all OASIS TCs who choose to meet
> that week. We urge all TCs to schedule meetings for these two days in
> Orlando. OASIS TCs rarely get the chance to meet together, so this would
> be an ideal opportunity for collaborative work. We've been making a big
> effort lately to promote more collaborative work; I'm sure that you'll
> agree how important it is for everyone to be meeting together to set up
> liaisons, conduct joint technical discussions, and create plans for
> on-going joint work.
> I've sent out a number of messages over the past few months to ask you
> to start considering your plans for this conference; it's now time to
> act. Please respond by 12 October to Dee Schur
> (dee.schur@oasis-open.org), our conference coordinator, to let her know
> that you will be holding a TC meeting, which day(s), whether full day or
> half day, the expected number of attendees, and facilities required.
> (While we prefer to see all TCs meeting together on Thursday and/or
> Friday, if another day of that week would work better for your TC we
> will try to accomodate that also.)

Lauren Wood added:

> Please check the XML 2001 conference schedule at
> http://www.xmlconference.org/xmlusa/2001/schedule.htm when
> determining when you wish to hold your TC meeting; several talks are
> on OASIS TC subjects and these talks are spread throughout the
> conference.

Now that we're meeting regularly by phone, I think we can do without
our usually day and a half meet-o-rama. I suggest instead that we meet
for half a day. Objections?

Assuming none, would those of you who are planning to attend please
review the schedule and indicate which of the four obvious slots
(Thursday AM/PM and Friday AM/PM) would and would not be acceptable.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM   | There is a great difference between seeking
XML Standards Engineer | how to raise a laugh from everything, and
XML Technology Center  | seeking in everything what may justly be
Sun Microsystems, Inc. | laughed at.--Lord Shaftesbury

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