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Subject: Goodbye


I am sorry to inform you that I must give up my membership on the OASIS
DocBook TC.

My organization is leaving New Jersey; my last day at HP is this Friday,
October 5th, 2001.

The new HP rep will be Dick Hamilton: dick_hamilton@hp.com

It's been a great pleasure to work with you folks and with previous
members of the committee.  I believe I am for the next couple of days the
longest-sitting member; my first (Davenport) meeting notes are from 1992!

I have no specific plans about what to do next, but I really enjoy the
kind of work we do in DocBook land, so you may see me again sometime :-)

After October 5th, you can reach me at MichaelSabrio@hotmail.com

Feel free to call me at HP until Friday at 973-443-7523 or after that at
home at 908-832-6513.

Best wishes and so long for now.

- Michael Sabrio
  Hewlett Packard

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