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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] XHTML and XSL FO on nested links

At 13:54 2002 04 17 -0500, Paul Grosso wrote:
>> Action: Paul to report what the XHTML and XSL FO specs actually say
>> about nested links.
>Okay, here's my report, though I forget how exactly this addresses
>the original issue of wanting to allow xref within link/ulink/olink.

I should have included an implementation report in my earlier message.

When given an <a> within an <a>, both IE6.x and NS4.x act as though
the first/outer anchor ends with the second/inner one starts, and
after the second/inner one ends, no anchor semantic remains (so the
part of the outer <a> element after the end of the inner one has no
anchor properties, and the outer closing </a> is just ignored).

When fo:basic-link is nested, at least the one implementation I have
at hand generates appropriate PDF.  (I have no reason to believe the
other implementations don't also do this.)  More importantly, when
links are nested in the PDF, the Acrobat viewer handles this in a
reasonable manner:  the reference of the most local link is used.


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