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Subject: [docbook-tc] Proposed charter revision

We are not in compliance with the current TC process because our
charter is incomplete. Attached, please find my first cut at a revised

I suggest that we review and revise this as necessary in email over
the next month with the goal of voting on it next month.

Title: Charter for OASIS DocBook Technical Committee

Charter for OASIS DocBook Technical Committee

Not yet approved by the membership.

16 Sep 2002

i. Name of the Technical Committee

DocBook Technical Committee.

ii. Purpose of Technical Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop and maintain the DocBook family of specifications. In particular, this Technical Committee maintains the XML and SGML DocBook DTDs, a suite of extension modules, and a simplified authoring subset of DocBook. The Technical Committee may also support other schema languages in the future and may develop additional modules and derived document types.

iii. List of deliverables

The DocBook Technical Committee plans to complete the following tasks in the next year:

  1. DocBook V5.0 RELAX NG Schema.

  2. DocBook V5.0 W3C XML Schema.

  3. DocBook V5.0 DTD (in SGML and XML).

  4. Simplified DocBook based on DocBook V5.0.

  5. MathML Module for DocBook V5.0.

  6. SVG Module for DocBook V5.0.

  7. EBNF Module for DocBook V5.0.

  8. HTML Forms Module for DocBook V5.0.

Additional modules and versions of DocBook may also be produced at the Committee's discretion.

iv. Language

All business will be conducted in English.

v. Date and Time of the First Meeting

The date and time of the first meeting has been lost in the mists of time. Sometime in 1994, or thereabouts.

vi. Meeting Schedule for the Following Year

17 Sep 2002
16 Oct 2002

The schedule of future meetings is being determined by the Technical Committee.

vii. Membership

Membership as of 16 Sep 2002:

Dennis Evans, Sun Microsystems
Paul Grosso, Arbortext
Dick Hamilton, HP
Nancy (Paisner) Harrison, Rational Software
Richard Lander, Microsoft
Sabine Ocker, Sun Microsystems
Michael Smith, Individual Member
Bob Stayton, Caldera
Tim Teebken, Microsoft
Norman Walsh, Sun Microsystems, Chair

viii. Names of the Technical Committee Co-chairs


ix. Names of phone meeting sponsors

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

x. Names of Face-to-Face Meeting Sponsors


xi. Policies and Procedures

The DocBook Technical Committee will follow the operating rules of OASIS. In addition, the Technical Committee will abide by the following practices enacted in accordance with the OASIS Technical Committee process:
  1. Any OASIS member may join the docbook-tc mailing list. (Mailing list membership is not limited to voting and prospective committee members.)

  2. The chair may initiate email ballots.

  3. An email ballot is deemed invalid and void if one half or fewer of the eligible voting members of the committee cast a vote in the allotted time.

  4. In no event shall this Technical Committee finalize or approve any technical specification if it believes that the use, distribution, or implementation of such specification would necessarily require the unauthorized infringement of any third party rights known to the Technical Committee, and such third party has not agreed to provide necessary license rights on perpetual, royalty-free, non-discriminatory terms.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Klein bottle for rent; enquire
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | within.
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee |

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