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Subject: [docbook-tc] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 19 Nov 2002

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Agenda first draft...

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 19 Nov 2002

The DocBook Technical Committee will meet on Tuesday, 19 November 2002
at 01:00p EDT (10:00a PDT, 17:00GMT, 18:00BST, 19:00CEST, 02:00JST+)
for 90 minutes.

The teleconference phone number is +1.888.296.1938 (+1.304.345.7506
internationally). The participant code is 586310. Attendance at
teleconferences is restricted to members (and prospective members) of
the committee.


1. Roll call
2. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous meeting
3. Review of the agenda
4. Review of open action items {5 min}

   a. Norm to construct an example of RFE #558443 using existing metadata
   b. Dick to experiment with SiberSafe for help authoring background
   c. Norm to follow-up on RFE 562343: <packagename> element
   d. Norm to post combined table markup for CALS+HTML
   e. Sabine to provide some concrete examples for HTML Help
   f. Norm to investigate namespace convention in MathML Module (RFE #582705)
   g. Norm to republish simplified ToC proposal
   h. Norm to post more detail about the PE reorganization with some documentation
   i. Norm to write better documentation for option/optional
   j. Dennis to find out if he can post the internal style guide documentation
   k  on option/optional
   l. Norm to find previous discussion of process/server/daemon markup
      (Dind't we fall back on systemitem?)
   m: Norm to put instance-based xref text on the agenda for next month.

5. Advance Simplified DocBook to Committee Specification
6. Instance-based cross-reference text
7. Procedure/Task/Topic
8. Review of Requests for Enhancement {40 min}

   To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


   where XXXX is the RFE number.

    609061 Add new Step sibling element Alternative
    613293 Generalize programlisting
    615473 Extend float values on figure?
    615587 Support xml:base
    615588 Support XInclude
    616216 recursive Subset tag
    616220 frontmatter body backmatter tags
    621564 New element Task and children
    623524 (Re)Consider "choicelist" markup
    638456 RFE add a <translator> tag
    640090 Add 'Steps' element for grouping steps

   The following RFEs have been moved to the bottom of this agenda in order
   to make sure that all RFEs get fairly discussed.

    413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME
    436067 splitting tech.char.class
    473365 Allow optional in funcprototype
    482818 Simplify ToC content model
    514435 Allow reference within refentry
    541444 caption in mediaobjectco
    558443 include storage info in metadata
    562343 <packagename> element
    564776 process/service/daemon/server markup
    565637 Associate non-inline image with link
    565716 URL and URN markup
    565905 Add xrefstyle attribute
    570068 Online values for pubwork
    571996 Add 'namespace' inline element
    571998 Add 'default' inline element
    573419 Add bidirectional text overrides
    573812 Allow blockinfo on blockquote
    574880 Add annotation element
    582705 Namespace convention for MathML Module
    582822 VARARG and FUNCDEF together

   The following RFEs are awaiting action items

    431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability
    472229 Allow HTML tables
    522552 Add title attribute to <ulink> element

   The following RFEs are identified as V6.0 or later

    531851 Remove inline person name elements
    532088 Remove RevHistory from qandaentry

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200210/msg00005.html

                                        Be seeing you,

- -- 
Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | It is so comic to hear oneself
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | called old, even at ninety I
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | suppose.--Alice James
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