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Subject: Changes for DocBook V.next

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Here's a summary of the accepted changes that have actually been
applied to the tree for DocBook V.next.

RFE #616216: Allow sets to be recursive
RFE #609061: StepAlternatives
RFE #517604: Optional title on glosslist (allow blockinfo and preamble too)
RFE #507975: Allow author in revision
RFE #573812: Add blockinfo to blockquote
RFE #518074: More class values for database
RFE #615587: Add xml:base to the common attributes
RFE #571996: Add prefix, namespace, and localname to the class values of sgmltag
RFE #615473 (partial): Add floatstyle to figure
RFE #533734: Allow methodsynopsis without parameters or void
RFE #564776: Add new class values to systemitem for process/server/service/daemon markup
RFE #571998: Add initializer to paramdef
RFE #570068: Add online values to pubwork

There may be a few more that need to be applied since December 2002.

                                        Be seeing you,

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                                   | but a compromise--that which is
                                   | common to you, me, and
                                   | everybody.--T. E. Hulme
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