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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] Simplified DocBook

Hi Norm et al,

Please let me know if this should be filed as a DocBook RFE. There isn't 
a specific category for Simplified.

In my Simplified Docbook variant, I made the following changes and 
wonder if they should be included in the official build of Simplified 1.1:

ADD corpname element to affiliation
ADD productname and productnumber to local.tech.char.class
ADD anchor to local.link.char.class
ADD (errorcode | errorname | errortype | errortext) to local.tech.char.class
ADD qandaset, qandadiv, qandaentry, question, answer, and label.
ADD qandaset to local.compound.class

These are full Docbook tags that we felt we needed in our Service 
articles. The anchor was needed for internal document links (and mapping 
the <A NAME> tag for converted HTML docs). I have other custom changes 
specific to Sun Service, but think the above additions may be valuable 
to the general Simplified community.

Best regards and Happy Holidays!


Norman Walsh wrote:

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