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Subject: Citation proposal RFE #810932

Forwarding a reply that didnt't make it to the TC list.

  Date:         Wed, 17 Dec 2003 19:32:23 -0500
  Reply-To:     Development of an XML core vocabulary for bibliographic
                references <BIBLIOFILE@LISTS.UCC.IE>
  Sender:       Development of an XML core vocabulary for bibliographic
                references <BIBLIOFILE@LISTS.UCC.IE>
  From:         Bruce D'Arcus <bdarcus@FASTMAIL.FM>
  Subject:      Re: [docbook-tc] info on citation item
  Comments: cc: Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>
  In-Reply-To:  <16352.56166.228337.186784@tipi.mininet>
  Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed

Guess the meeting was cancelled, but on this Norm:

> > Add <biblioref> to the content model of <quote>, <blockquote> and >
> > <epigraph> > > > > Example: > > > > <quote>A quote <biblioref
> > linkend="Smith1999"><bibliospec > > unit="page" start="22" stop="23
> > /></biblioref></quote> > > Bibliospec has crept back in, didn't you
> > remove that? > > We already have "attribution" for blockquote and
> > epigraph. I don't > think > we need anything specific for quote. You
> > can simply put the citation in > as you normally would, I think. > >
> > <quote>A quote</quote><biblioref linkend="Smith1999" unit="page" >
> > start="22" stop="23 /> > > True, the quote and the citation don't
> > have a wrapper, but is that > really a problem? They're presumably
> > in the same para.

My strong opinion is it ought to be wrapped, and it ought be coded like

<quote>A quote <citation><biblioref linkend="Smith1999" unit="page"
start="22" stop="23 /></citation></quote>

That a biblioref element happens to be in the same para element as a
quote doesn't help if there is more than one quote.

Markus and I have had a debate about whether biblioref needs to be
wrapped in a citation element if it is itself wrapped in a quote or
blockquote. My argument is that -- mostly for consistency's sake -- it
should be.

Now, if you want to get really extreme (and I do sometimes in the stuff
I write), try to imagine how to elegantly code the following...

"The world," said the clueless philosopher, "is flat" (Doe, 1953, p33;
emphasis added).

I can't figure out a way really to preserve the correct semantic meaning
(that there is only one quote here) without jumping through hoops, and
so I'd probably end up with this to be practical:

<para><quote>The World,</quote> said the clueless philosopher, <quote>is
<emphasis role="added">flat</emphasis><citation><biblioref
linkend="doe1953" unit="page" start="33"/></citation></para>


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