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Subject: Caption in mediaobject

This note is a follow up to my action item
concerning the use of <caption> in mediaobject.
The relevant RFE is 541444 [1].

Here is the summary text from the RFE:
Captions should at least be possible in mediaobjectco
elements if not even in some more elements possibly
contained in formal or potentially floating object.

While the latter would be an enhancement the first I
would call a bug because of the inconsistency with
mediaobject, where captions are possible.

Instead of adding <caption> to <mediaobjectco>, I'd like
to propose the following alternative:

- Add <imageobjectco> to <mediaobject>.  Currently, the
  content model for <mediaobject> is:

  mediaobject ::=

  This would change the content model to:

  mediaobject ::=

- Deprecate <mediaobjectco>, which seems to exist for the
  sole purpose of letting you include an <imageobjectco> in
  a mediaobject.  This would give the RFE filer usable markup
  for what he needs and would remove what appears to me to
  be an unneeded element.  If anyone knows why there's a
  separate <mediaobjectco>, please let me know.

This resolves the inconsistency found by the filer.  I'd like
to continue this action item regarding his second question of
whether there are other elements that should have a caption,
and talk about that next time.

A related question came up while looking at this.  How about
allowing <alt> in mediaobject to allow for a short, text only,
tag to be use as a rollover in html or a short description for
readers?  <textobject> serves this purpose, but is really overkill.
Also, there may be cases where you want a lengthy <textobject> for
the content, but still need a one liner for alt text.



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