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Subject: DocBook DTD 4.4 items

Hi Norm,
I completed a review of the minutes, starting in March 2003.  Here is what I
found for version 4.4.  Only one item (#2) is controversial.

1.  In September 2003, we added a 'language' attribute to synopsis and
programlisting.  I think it was intended for 4.3, but didn't get in.

2. In November 2002 we voted to add a new floatstyle CDATA attribute to the
four formal elements.

In September 2003 we confirmed that floatstyle should be added to the formal
elements in 4.3.

In October 2003 we voted to abandon the new floatstyle attribute on formal
items, add a float attribute to example, equation, and table with CDATA type
#IMPLIED, and change the float attribute on figure to CDATA leaving the
default value of 0 for now and changing it to #IMPLIED in 5.0.

But floatstyle got into 4.3 on the four formal elements, so I'm wondering if
this should be revisited yet again.  It seems the horses are already out of
the barn, though.

3. Feb 2004: Add the package element.

4.  Feb 2004: Add imageobjectco to mediaobject.

5.  May 2004: Add biblioref wherever xref is permitted.

6.  April 2004: Add a spacing attribute to variablelist.

7.  May 2004: Add subscript and superscript to gui*.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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