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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 16 June 2004

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 16 June 2004

The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday, 16 June 2004 at
05:00p EDT (02:00p PDT, 21:00GMT, 22:00BST, 23:00CEST, 06:00JST+,
02:30a India+) for 90 minutes.

1. Roll call
Present: Steven Cogorno, Gary Cornelius, Paul Grosso,
Nancy Harrison, Scott Hudson, Mark Johnson,
Jirka Kosek, Mike Smith, Bob Stayton, Norman Walsh 

Regrets: Dick Hamilton, Larry Rowland

Absent: Adam Di Carlo 

2. Accepted the minutes[1] of the previous meeting

3. Next meeting: 21 July 2004.

4. Review of the agenda.
   No additions.

5. Review of open action items

    a. Mike to provide a better proposal for choicelist markup.
    b. Mike to reconsider the annotation problem and post his thoughts.
    c. Norm to publish flattened version of the 4.3 XML DTD.
    d. Norm to produce a draft spec of 5.0.
    e. Norm to ask Karl about creating stable OASIS URIs.
    f. Dick to determine if RFE 541444 "caption in 
       mediaobjectco" is closed.
    g. Larry to look into section 508 accessibility issues
       with DocBook elements.
    h. Norm to contact Dave Pawson about accessibility issues.
    i. Adam to ask the submitter for more information.
       about 950206 Nested bibliodivs
    j. Norm to create official releases for Simplified DocBook 1.1,
       MathML, and others that are dependent on DocBook 4.3.

6. DTD version 4.4 beta
Adam sent email about the use of 'XML' in the SGML DTD.
Norm said that since version 4.2 the SGML DTD is a wrapper around
the XML DTD, so references to the XML components are correct,
because there are no corresponding SGML components.

Adam also mentioned the ChangeLog for the SGML version fails to
point out some changes because they are in the XML components.

ACTION: Norm to work with Adam and others to figure out how to
track such changes.

7. html:form should be available in more places
   than in %divcomponent.mix;  [2] [3]

Since HTML permits a form element to appear in many places,
there is some agreement with the proposal.

ACTION:  Bob to identify elements in DocBook that correspond to
valid locations in HTML.

ACTION: In a similar case, Scott will investigate places where
anchor should be permitted.

8.  SGML 4.3 tweaks

    Two complaints against SGML DTD 4.3. [4]

New xml:base attribute has a colon character which is not
included in the standard SGML name character set.
Since xml:base is an XML feature, it was proposed that
it be removed from the SGML version of the DTD.

ACTION: Norm to query the mailing list about removing xml:base
from the SGML version of 4.4.

The other problem was conflict in the SGML version of the
DTD between the enumerated frame attribute in the CALS table model
and the enumerated rules attribute in the HTML table model after they
were merged in 4.3.  This was not a problem in the XML version.
Three ideas were suggested:
  1. remove the HTML table model from the SGML version
  2. remove the rules attribute
  3. make the rules attribute CDATA, not enumerated.

Number 3 was tentatively accepted.

ACTION: Norm to query the mailing list about the impact
of this change for 4.4.

9. floatstyle attribute status:

   In November 2002 we voted to add a new floatstyle CDATA
   attribute to the four formal elements. [5]
   In September 2003 we confirmed that floatstyle should be
   added to the four formal elements in 4.3. [6]
   In October 2003 we voted to abandon the new floatstyle
   attribute on formal items, add a float attribute to
   example, equation, and table with CDATA type #IMPLIED,
   and change the float attribute on figure to CDATA leaving
   the default value of 0 for now and changing it to #IMPLIED
   in 5.0.  [7]
   But floatstyle got into 4.3 on the four formal elements,
   so should this be revisited yet again?

The committee decided that we would leave it alone for
all versions 4 of the DTD, and reconsider it for version 5.

10. Request for canonical URIs for Docbook DTDs. [8]
    (carried forward from last month)

Postponed until next meeting.

11. RFE 955428: Add wordsize effectivity attribute

    Sun and HP have found a need for a separate effectivity
    attribute to indicate computer processor word size.
    Most felt this was within the docbook domain, but there
    was concern about adding yet another global attribute,
    and if it was too specialized.  There was also a desire
    for a better name.

After much discussion, the proposal to add a global
'wordsize' effectivity attribute was ACCEPTED.  It will
be added to version 4.4.

ACTION: Bob to add to next agenda a discussion of guidelines
for accepting or rejecting requests.

12. alt text for accessibility.

Postponed until next meeting.

13. Review of Requests for Enhancement

    To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


      950206 Nested bibliodivs
             Postponed, pending Adam's action item.

      958393 remove default class value from productname 
             Agreed that this should be removed in 5.0, but it
      would be backwards incompatible for version 4.

      971095 Allow <authorgroup> anywhere <author> is allowed 
      The committee felt that this falls into the category
      of bibliographic information, which the group decided
      earlier to not include in general text.  REJECTED.

ACTION: Mike to communicate the decision to the submittor.

ACTION: Bob to add Mike's annotations proposal  to next month's agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 3:12 PDT.

     The following RFEs are awaiting action items

      413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME (Norm, generic linking)
      431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability (Norm)
      522552 Add title attribute to <ulink> element (Mike, annotations)
      541444 caption in mediaobjectco (closed?) (Dick)
      565637 Associate non-inline image with link (Norm, generic linking)
      574880 Add annotation element (Mike)
      623524 (Re)Consider "choicelist" markup (Mike)

     The following RFEs are identified as V6.0 or later

      531851 Remove inline person name elements
      532088 Remove RevHistory from qandaentry
- ---

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200405/msg00004.html
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Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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