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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 April 2005

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 April 2005

The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday, 20 April 2005 at
05:00p EDT (02:00p PDT, 21:00GMT, 22:00BST, 23:00CEST, 06:00JST+,
02:30a India+) for 90 minutes.

1. Roll call

Present: Steve Cogorno, Gary Cornelius, Adam Di Carlo,
Nancy Harrison, Scott Hudson,
Jirka Kosek, Larry Rowland, Bob Stayton, Norman Walsh 
Regrets: Paul Grosso, Dick Hamilton, Mark Johnson, 

2. Accepted the minutes[1] of the previous meeting.

3. Next meeting: 18 May 2005

4. Review of the agenda.

No new items.

5. Review of open action items

   a. Norm to obtain OASIS namespace naming rules.

   b. Norm to publish a version of the 5.0 spec before
      the next meeting.

   c. Bob to create a new annotations proposal.

   d. Norm to release Simplified DocBook 1.1.

6.  OASIS TC Process changes

Bob summarized the changes in TC process for the Committee.
The "Committee Specification" is back, and we need to
pay attention to the OASIS IPR and specification release

7.  DTD V5 development status.

Norm said the new version is still in development.
Jirka has reviewed it and posted some suggestions.

Some specific items:

a.  Is caption allowed in mediaobject in 5.0? 
Norm will consider adding it back, perhaps to formal
and informal objects rather than mediaobject.

b. Should title be required on equation.  It seems that
in practice equations are numbered, not titled.
So the title will be optional.

c.  alt element will be put back into equation, along with other places.

8.  DocBook namespaces.
A DocBook namespace is needed for version 5.  We want a stable,
nonchanging name.  The Committee agreed that
it would apply to the family of DocBook
schemas, including Simplified DocBook and customizations.
The name would not contain a version number.

The OASIS naming rules are not yet adopted, so Norm proposed
using "http://docbook.org/ns/docbook"; as the namespace name.
There is some precedent for using a non-OASIS URI.

9. Annotation proposal (Bob).  
    See latest proposal and follow-ups.  [2]

Bob reviewed his proposal for establishing the connection
between an alt or annotation element and the thing it
is annotating.  See the proposal for details.

Scott asked how to annotate a point, since the proposal makes
connections between elements.  Norm suggested using an anchor
element to make the connection.

Adam wondered if allowing both directions for making the connection
are needed.  The Committee felt that different users will
use different methods.

Larry suggested that for the simple case, an annotation
element without attributes be connected to its parent.
Norm suggested that would be a problem if an attribute
were added later, changing the meaning of the connection.
The use of explicit attributes removes all ambiguity.

Norm moved that we adopt the proposal as an experiment
in DocBook V5 and see how people use it before making
further changes.   The motion was approved.

Norm to incorporate the new alt and annotation
elements into DocBook V5.

10.  Table model purity (Bob).
      Continued from previous meeting.
      See email discussion thread.  [3]

      a.  Common attributes on HTML tables.
      b.  pgwide, tabstyle, and floatstyle on HTML tables.

The Committee recognized that CALS tables have extra
attributes.  The Committee accepted the need to use
effectivity attributes in almost all table elements.
Once those were accepted, there was no reason to not accept
the other DocBook common attributes.  And then there was
no reason to not accept the extra CALS table attributes
originally proposed.  

Norm will add them to DocBook V5.

11.  Next version of DocBook Simplified:
     base it on DocBook 4.4?

This led to a discussion of DocBook 4.5, since we have some 
changes since 4.4.  Norm suggested we create a DocBook 4.5,
adopt it as a Committee Specification, and then put it forth
as an OASIS Standard.  Then we would base a new Simplified
version on that.

ACTION: Norm to produce a DocBook 4.5 DTD Working Draft.

12. Review of Requests for Enhancement

    To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


      1182626 Update Elements/Attributes in HTML Forms Module

Norm suggested we accept the suggestion to update the
HTML Forms Module.  But the update should be based on 
DocBook 4.5. We can update the modules for testing,
but we should wait until the 4.5 process is completed
before adopting Committee Specifications for the modules.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30pm EDT.

     The following RFEs are awaiting action items

      973446 Replace Footnote with Annotation 
      413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME (Norm, generic linking)
      431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability (Norm)
      522552 Add title attribute to <ulink> element 
      565637 Associate non-inline image with link (Norm, generic linking)
      574880 Add annotation element 
      623524 (Re)Consider "choicelist" markup 

     The following RFEs are identified as V5.0 or later

      1097183 Allow Task as a sibling of sections 
      1084491 Add address, orgname, orgdiv to corpauthor, corpcredit, etc. 
      974285 Check floatstyle/float attributes
      958393 remove default class value from productname 
      531851 Remove inline person name elements
      532088 Remove RevHistory from qandaentry
- ---

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200503/msg00009.html
[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200504/msg00012.html
[3] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200504/msg00005.html

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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