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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] align common elements?

That is something that may need to be worked out in the interoperability forum, but I think even Norm has lamented in the past about the decision to use "para" instead of "p"...

I imagine some of the alignment would be more along the HTML/DITA line, such as:
para = p
itemizedlist = ul
orderedlist = ol
listitem = li

We might also want to propose to that the other standards to adopt some of the DocBook element names, such as:

There are probably additional candidates, but I just wanted to propose the idea. I hadn't seen much discussion along these lines in the interop forum...


Steven Cogorno wrote:

On Jul 21, 2006, at 8:07 AM, Scott Hudson wrote:


just a thought about interoperability between DocBook, DITA and ODF:
do we want to consider changing some of the tag names in V5 to align some of the more common element names? Some likely candidates I can think of would include: para, itemizedlist, orderedlist, listitem.

What would they change to?  I'm not familiar enough with the the other DTDs to know.

Steven Cogorno
Sun Microsystems


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