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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] It looks like DocBook V4.5 will pass!


I agree with Jirka and Norm on this 100%.  If the vote
didn't actually make it in time because of this (I'm out
of the country and don't have very good access, so I can't
tell if we got that last vote or not), I think you have no
option except to extend the voting period and send out a
note explaining the situation.

BTW, any possibility of giving an individual member .05 of
a vote:-).  I think I pay at least that percentage of the
smaller corporate types for my membership.  If so, count
me as a yes!

Dick Hamilton
On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 17:51 +0200, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Mary McRae wrote:
> >   Please note that Kavi calculation is not accurate -- 15% of 357 is 52.05,
> > meaning that you need 53 votes ... 
> This is not very good joke. I checked ballot page yesterday evening 
> (CEST) to see if we have enough votes. I saw 15% percent here, so I 
> didn't urged several members that are from US, who were at that time at 
> their work and can make additional votes before they will leave their 
> computers and go to weekend (when voting ends).
> It is absolutely unacceptable for me if 15% shown on OASIS page doesn't 
> mean 15% in reality. If this confusing information will led to fact that 
> DocBook V4.5 will not be approved as an OASIS standard I will have no 
> other possibility then to leave OASIS. Members of TC did a lot of hard 
> work to prepare DocBook V4.5 and I can't support organization that is 
> wasting time and talent of those people because of rounding error.
> Regards,
> 			Jirka Kosek

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