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Subject: RE: [docbook-tc] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 24 January 2007

> 10.  Tasks and topics in DocBook

I often use the Teresa tool for creating task models in XML and think it works particularly well. 

i.e. http://giove.isti.cnr.it/teresa/teresa_xml.html

/ Grosso, Paul 
> I still don't like tasks and topics in docbook.

Perhaps, rather than considering implementing a full topic based system we could just add some bookmark tags that allow you to to reference a unique location in any topic or tag based ontology? e.g. Freefox's Annotea Ubimarks add-on does something like this:

<bm:Bookmark RDF:about="http://gary.cornelius.bz/bookmark/Wed_17_Jan_2007_21_33_40_GMT";
               dc:title="fabio-tampere-two-final.pdf (application/pdf Object)"
               dc:date="Wed, 17 Jan 2007 21:31:14 GMT"
               a:created="Wed, 17 Jan 2007 21:31:14 GMT"
               dc:description="Powerpoint slide for Linking User Task and User Interfaces: a Model-based Approach by Fabio Paterṇ"
               dc:creator="Gary Cornelius">
    <bm:recalls RDF:resource="http://www.cs.tut.fi/tapahtumat/summer05/fabio-tampere-two-final.pdf"/>
    <foaf:maker RDF:resource="http://gary.cornelius.bz"/>
    <bm:hasTopic RDF:resource="http://gary.cornelius.bz/topic/task-management"/>
    <bm:hasTopic RDF:resource="http://gary.cornelius.bz/topic/ui-abstraction"/>
    <RDFS:seeAlso RDF:resource="http://giove.isti.cnr.it/teresa/teresa_xml.html"/>

Kind Regards,
Gary Cornelius

Gary Cornelius
Technical Consultant, CSW Informatics 
OpenPGP Key: http://www.cornelius.bz/key.txt
Skype: garycornelius
Registered Office and Contact Address:
4240 Nash Court
Oxford Business Park South

Tel: +44/0 1865 337400
Fax: +44/0 1865 337433
Web: http://www.csw.co.uk
Web: http://www.cswinformatics.co.uk

Registered in England No. 4198197

Legal Disclaimer: http://www.csw.co.uk/disclaimer.htm

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Stayton [mailto:bobs@sagehill.net] 
Sent: 22 January 2007 08:59
To: DocBook Technical Committee
Cc: docbook@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [docbook-tc] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 24 January 2007

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 24 January 2007 =============================================================

The DocBook Technical Committee will meet on Wednesday, 24 January 2007 at 05:00p EST (02:00p PST, 22:00GMT, 22:00BST, 23:00CEST, 07:00JST+, 03:30a India+) for 90 minutes.

The teleconference phone number is +1.865.524.6352. The participant code is 7386368. Attendance at teleconferences is restricted to members (and prospective members) of the committee.

The DocBook TC uses the #docbook IRC channel on irc.freenode.org.
The IRC channel is used for exchanging URIs, providing out-of-band comments, and other aspects of the teleconference, so please join us there if at all possible.


1. Roll call
2. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous (November) meeting.
3. Next meeting: 21 February 2007
4. Review of the agenda.
5. Review of open action items

    a. Scott to ask the mailing list if info as first
       child of HTML table creates problems.

    b. Scott to solicit interest on creating
       DocBook variants for commercial publishing.

    c. Scott to post the ackno-in-book proposal (RFE 1588693)
       to the mailing list for feedback and perhaps element name suggestions.

    d. Larry to ask the submittor of RFE 1589139 to clarify.

    e. Norm to release DocBook 5 Candidate Release 1.

7.  OASIS IP policy.

8.  info in html tables (continued from last meeting)

9.  Extend charter to include commercial publishing [2]
    (continued from last meeting).

10.  Tasks and topics in DocBook

11.  Review of Requests for Enhancement

    To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


      1097183  Allow Task as a sibling of sections
      1575537  allow markup from other namespaces in info
      1588693  Allow ackno in book
      1589139  please allow inlineequation in label
      1621178  allow titleabbrev in qandaentry info
      1626321  Add a frame attribute to entrytbl element
      1627845  please allow caption in db.cals.table
      1630203  allow empty glossary


[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200611/msg00033.html
[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200610/msg00031.html

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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