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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 23 April 2008

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 23 April 2008

The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday, 23 April 2007 at
05:00p EDT (02:00p PDT, 21:00GMT, 22:00BST, 23:00CEST, 06:00JST+,
02:30a India+) for 35 minutes.


1. Roll call

Present: Paul Grosso, Scott Hudson, Jirka Kosek,
Ron Morton, Bob Stayton, Norman Walsh.

Regrets: Dick Hamilton

Absent: Steve Cogorno, Gary Cornelius, Jim Earley, Keith Falhgren,
Patricia Gee, John Hanratty, Gershon Joseph, Dave Pawson,
John Pederson

A quorum of voting members is present.

2. Accepted the minutes[1] of the previous meeting.

3. Next meeting: 21 May 2008

NOTE: next meeting changed to 28 May 2008.

4. Review of the agenda.


Teleconference service.
Norm Walsh's committee status.

5. Review of open action items

  a. Bob to organize TDG reading after names are fixed.

  b. Norm to fix required refsect2 and refsect3
     in the DTD and XSD versions of 5.0.

  c. Norm to investigate tocdiv conversion script problems.

  d. Norm to submit the DB5 standards paperwork to OASIS.

  e. Bob and Norm to discuss how to divide up The
     Definitive Guide for reviewers.

6.  DocBook 5.0 standards update

Norm has submitted all the paperwork to Mary to send out for
official review as a Committee Specification.
For more information on the process, see:


7.  Olink localinfo attribute (Dick Hamilton)

Continued to next meeting.

8.  Publishing Subcommittee report.

Scott reported that they have developed two
RelaxNG (RNC) customizations, a base publishers RNC and
a legal profession RNC.  They want to make them
public for comment.  The subcommittee has a new
secretary Keith Falhgren.

ACTION: the subcommittee to make the customizations
available for comment.

9.  DocBook study proposal [2]

Bob described the proposal from Fabrice Talbot to perform
a study of DocBook usage patterns.  The committee unanimously
endorsed the study.

ACTION: Bob to convey the decision to Fabrice.

10.  Review of Requests for Enhancement

    To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


    These RFEs postponed until after 5.0 release
      1097183  Allow Task as a sibling of sections
      1679665  Add better support for modular documentation
      1722935  DocBook 5: Adding proofreader in @class for othercredit?
      1770787  Rename firstname and surname
      1778566  allow <xref> and <linkend> in <type>

    RFEs to be considered (as of 17 March):
      1812264  insert and delete. block and inline level

Norm asked submittor for clarification, but got none.
Can use phrase for inline level, but nothing like
div exists for block elements.

ACTION: Norm to follow up with submittor again.

      1899655  More root elements

RelaxNG requires a designation of potential document
root elements.  Proposed: designate any element that contains
info as a root element.  ACCEPTED.

ACTION: Norm to implement in DocBook 5 for next release (not 5.0).

ACTION: Bob to put discussion of DocBook 5.1 on next agenda.

      1907003  biblioid content model too broad

The question is why are link elements allowed in biblioid.

ACTION: Norm to investigate other usage of link elements.

      1912756  Add @scope to index

Currently index and indexterm has @type attribute to
indicate specialized index.  A scope attribute on
index might be used to indicate that an index should
include entries collected from a wider scope than
the parent of the index element.  One use case considered was
putting an index inside a book for publishing, but
wanting it to cover the entire set element that contains
the book.  But a setindex can serve that function.

ACTION: Norm to request more information from the submittor.

11.  Norm's committee status.
Norm Walsh announced that he is changing employers, so his status
on the Commmittee may change.  He wants to continue as Chair, but
it may depend on his new employer.

12.  Teleconference service.
Because Norm arranged for Sun to donate the Committee's
teleconference service, his change in employment status
may affect the use of that service.

ACTION: Norm to investigate the teleconference service before
the next meeting.

Adjourned 5:35pm


[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200801/msg00003.html

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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