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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] Charter update -- Review

2008/12/16 Richard Hamilton <rlhamilton@frii.com>:
> I have attached a draft update to the DocBook charter for your review,
> based on our discussion at the last TC meeting.  I made the following
> changes:
> - Updated the schedule to include 5.0, Simplified 1.2 and The Publishers
>  Schema 1.0
> - Specified RelaxNG and Schematron for the normative form (but, still
>  allowing for other schema languages as appropriate).
> - Identified the Publisher's sub-committee and provided for potential
>  other sub-committees to explore related domains.
> - Removed references to EBNF, HTML, MathML, and SVG modules, since they
>  are now handled separately or incorporated.
> - Removed references to "exploration of DocBook V5.0," since we are
>  past exploration.

No mention of website? Especially now it's done and working.

> I have a couple of question for you to consider:
> - Should we keep Simplified? I got one yes and one no in the comments
>  to my email question about this. The schedule shows a tentative date,
>  but if we keep it, we should discuss what a reasonable date would be.

I like it, almost as much because it demonstrates docbook flexibility?
+1 from me.

> - Should we add web-site as a normative variant, and if so, when in
>  the schedule?

+1, what more is required other than that which Dick and I did?


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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