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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] DocBook Syntax in TDG - Send Your Comments

I think the compact syntax is similar enough to DTD that it is easy to 
read. I think I'd prefer option 4... Either that or option 3.

Thanks and best regards,


Scott Hudson
Senior XML Architect

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Dick Hamilton wrote:
> Following up on my action item from last week's TC meeting,
> this message is to request your input for the best way to
> represent the DocBook syntax in the printed version of the
> Definitive Guide (TDG).
> Background: If you simply build a PDF from the current version
> of TDG as it lives on sourceforge, you end up with a 1,500
> page book. Most of that space is in the content model syntax,
> which looks like the HTML syntax for 5.0. While that syntax
> is great for online viewing, it uses too much space for paper.
> Ideas: Here are a few alternatives I've thought of. Please
> comment on these alternatives and suggest new ones.
> 1) Reproduce the format from the current guide. This would
>    need to be tweaked, but the result would look similar to
>    the way the book looks today.
> 2) Remove syntax information from each entry and replace it
>    with an appendix that contains the full grammar. That is
>    still pretty voluminous, the full rnc grammar, unedited,
>    is about 180 printed pages. However, it could be edited
>    to display in less space.
> 3) Remove syntax information entirely and make it available
>    in eBook form. The entries might include parent of and
>    child of lists, but not the syntax.
> 4) Compress the syntax by using the same groupings that the
>    grammar does. This would make the syntax for an element
>    like <section> look something like this:
>    element section {
>       db.section.attlist, db.section.info,
>       db.recursive.blocks.or.sections,
>       db.navigation.components*
>    }
> I'm sure there are lots of other options, so please dive in
> with your suggestions.
> Dick Hamilton
> ---------------------------------
> XML Press
> XML for Technical Communicators
> http://xmlpress.net
> (970) 231-3624 
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