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Subject: assembly rnc issues

I'm starting to use assembly and I have three issues that have come up that I wanted 
to ask the TC about.

1.  In <structure>, the RNC has db.structure.info as a required child of structure. 
That requires structure to have either a child title element, or a child info element 
containing a title.   I think title and info should be optional.

I'm creating a book, so my structure has type="book".  I'm including as the first 
module child a reference to a file containing a book element whose only content is an 
info element which contains the title, and that module has contentonly="true" so I can 
discard its book wrapper.  So I don't want or need a title on my structure, and so I 
think it should be optional.  Trying to make module the first child of structure is 
currently not valid.

If I must have a structure title, what is its significance?  I presume it would be 
considered a label only for the structure and not appear in output. The info element 
of a structure is metadata for structure, and is not to contain content for output, 
right? That's what the override element is for.

2.  In structure, the content model includes:


That means nav elements cannot be interspersed among modules.  You can't have a toc 
follow a preface module, a glossary followed by a module for appendix, or an index 
followed by a colophon module.  Shouldn't the nav components be mixable with modules?

3.  The content model for structure includes revhistory, even though the info element 
for structure allows revhistory.  Is there some reason for that redundancy (the only 
info element that is redundant)?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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