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Subject: Possibility to present DocBook from l10n/i18n perspective

Hi folks,

is anyone interested in DocBook presentation in Madrid at the end of
October? (I will be there, but I don't do many localization with DocBook
and I'm involved in the project and we prefer speakers from outside.)


Dear DocBook TC member,

On behalf of the program committee, I would like to invite you to speak
at the upcoming W3C workshop, "The Multilingual Web - Where Are We?",
which will be held in Madrid on 26-27 October, 2010. We are directly
inviting only a small number of experts.  (There will be other speakers,
but they will need to propose talks for consideration by the program
committee as per the Call for Participation.)

The key objective of the workshop will be to survey and introduce people
to currently available best practices and standards that are aimed at
helping content creators, localizers, tools developers, and others meet
the challenges of the multilingual Web. We will also try to identify
gaps. The workshop is part of the European Commission funded
MultilingualWeb project, which is coordinated by the W3C.  For more
information, see the Call for Participation[1].

We would like you to speak for 15 minutes about DocBook from
localization perspective.  Speakers are asked to focus on describing
practical ways in which the topic of their talk enables people to meet
the challenges of the multilingual Web, rather than to focus on
technical details. Given the diversity of topics at the workshop,
speakers should also pitch their talk at a level that will be understood
by attendees who are unfamiliar with the topic area.

We are looking forward to a very interesting workshop, and we hope that
you will accept our invitation to speak. If you are able to participate,
please contact Richard Ishida ( ishida@w3.org) as soon as possible to
confirm and discuss next steps.

Thank you,

				Richard Ishida

[1] Call for Participation

  Jirka Kosek      e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz      http://xmlguru.cz
       Professional XML consulting and training services
  DocBook customization, custom XSLT/XSL-FO document processing
 OASIS DocBook TC member, W3C Invited Expert, ISO JTC1/SC34 member

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