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Subject: Re: DocBook Publishers documentation

Here's a second peek at an attempt to build a version of TDG for
DocBook Publishers.


> It's going to be a bit of a headache to get the text right. All
> references to elements that aren't in Publishers will have to be
> profiled out.
> I'm tempted to invent a new profiling system for that:
>   <phrase condition="in-schema">This is some text that
>   mentions <tag>programlisting</tag>. It only appears if
>   the schema being documented includes the programlisting
>   element.</phrase>

I implemented this and started using it. Even harder: the examples
that use markup that's not in Publishers need to be updated.

> I'm not sure what the chapters should be for this book. Probably just
> an introduction and maybe "what's different".

I cut-and-pasted a few bits of the spec.

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                                   | task he cannot achieve.--Oliver
                                   | Wendell Holmes

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