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docbook-tc message

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Subject: assembly schema update

Hi Norm,
I've gone through the DocBook TC minutes and it looks like the assembly schema has not
been updated to reflect the latest changes the TC has approved.  The last version you
posted was 5.1b6 on 16 January 2012, and that does not include the changes I've listed
below.  Could you please update it so I can make sure the XSL stylesheets I'm working
on match it?

These following changes were proposed in this posting:


and approved at the 14 December 2011 meeting, except for the naming of the info and
override elements, which were approved at 18 January 2012 meeting.

1. Remove the "content" versions of module and resource. This goes back to the
original design of putting all content in resource files that are referenced by

2.  Remove bibliography, glossary, index, and toc elements from module and structure.
Where you need to insert such an element, use module with a renderas attribute. For
the case where you need an empty index element as a placeholder for a generated index,
then use an empty module: <module renderas="index"/>. This approach avoids including
special elements in the module content model.

3. Replace info with assemblyinfo to make it clear that this metadata is only about
the assembly elements themselves. It could have a different content model from info,
since it would not carry any text to be rendered in the output, such as title,
titleabbrev, etc.

4.  Remove title, titleabbrev, and subtitle elements from module (see next item).

5. Keep the override element in module and structure. That would be the only place
that text content would be allowed in an assembly, and would include title,
titleabbrev, and subtitle elements among others. If someone uses this optional element
and still needs translation, they can restrict the translation of the assembly file to
the text elements inside any override elements.

6. For those who don't want any content in their assembly but need to override the
info for a given resource, allow override to have a resourceref attribute that points
to a resource that references a file containing the info overrides. One could even
have several overrides if they are conditional and only one is selected.

7. And the change I proposed earlier: add resourceref to structure to allow it to
reference a resource for the root element and front matter. Keeping structure as a
separate element from module for the root element gives us the flexibility for it to
have different attributes or content for that critical location.

These following changes were approved at the 18 January 2012 meeting:

1.  Use a single element name <info> for metadata about assembly elements.

2.  Replace <override> with <merge>

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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