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Subject: Revisit CALS for accessibility

Title: Revisit CALS for accessibility

We had an RFE come in to the Publishers SC to re-add the HTML table model to the publishers schema for accessibility reasons.

Rather than allowing HTML tables, we felt it important enough to bring to the full DocBook TC. The DocBook implementation of CALS could be re-visited or enhanced to allow the missing attributes (scope, id, headers) to better address accessibility.

CALS has not been updated since 1999, but should be updated for accessibility. This may also be a good opportunity to extend it for presentation (shading and colors, for example).

The original justification for the RFE is posted here:

We would like this discussed at the next TC meeting or at least here on the list.


Thanks and best regards,


Scott Hudson | Pelco by Schneider Electric | United States | Standards Lead
Site: pdn.pelco.com |

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