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Subject: relatedlink element?

This is an awkward question coming from the Secretary of the TC, but does anyone remember what happened to the relatedlink element? This was to be a "soft" link, one that could simply disappear if the target of the link was not included in the current assembly.

I've reviewed all the minutes and the mail archive, and it appears that relatedlink was never approved. It came up in 2010 during the development of the topic and assembly elements. The TC minutes discuss adding it as an inline element, and there was a discussion of reltables which we developed samples for but found too complicated and postponed until after 5.1 Then we got into discussing the relationships element in assembly, and there was no more mention of relatedlink. Did we decide to not pursue relatedlink, or did we simply forget about it?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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