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Subject: RE: [docbook-tc] This week's TC meeting

Please go to the download page on the Virtual Rooms site before the meeting to download and install the virtual room package:



I have scheduled a virtual room for the meeting (setting it up to be available 30 minutes before the meeting starts and allowing it to continue for 30 minutes after the meeting is scheduled to conclude).  I had assumed we would be using the normal conference call line for the phone connection.  I set it up for 15 people.  Let me know as soon as possible if that seems to be too small.  I can reset the size easily before the meeting, but don’t know the black magic to change it during a meeting.


Here are the details on the virtual room:

You have successfully scheduled the following event

Event room

DocBook GSOC (1719303)

Event name

Part 1 (18427343)

Event date and time

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 10:30 AM Mountain Standard Time


150 minutes

Event Size


Phone and pass code

Other information


Event Keys

Presenter key



Participant key





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Subject: [docbook-tc] This week's TC meeting




From some email exchanges with the GSoC mentors, it looks like some of the students and mentors will be able to attend this month's meeting to report on their projects. The others are in Asia, and the timing for them is pretty inconvenient.


Therefore, I suggest that we split the GSoC reports across the two meetings, with those who can make the usual time attending this Wednesday. Then, I will ask the TC if we can hold the December meeting two hours earlier to accommodate the students and mentors who are in distant time zones.


Larry, can you set up the conference bridge for the meeting this month?


GSoC guys, can those of you who can attend on Wednesday please confirm?


Bob and Norm, is there anything else you need to schedule us for the meeting.





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