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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 17 December 2014

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 17 December 2014

The DocBook Technical Committee will met on Wednesday,
17 December 2014 at 1:00pm ET.

> Agenda
> 1. Roll call

Present: Larry, Norm, Dick, Jirka, Scott, Loren
Regrets: Bob

> 2. Accepting the minutes [1] of the previous meeting.


> 3. Next meeting: 21 January 2015

No regrets heard.

> 4. Review of the agenda.


> 5. Review of open action items
>   a.  Norm to work with OASIS to advance DocBook 5.1 to
>       OASIS Standard.


>   b.  Norm to convince someone to implement the new XInclude
>       standard.


>   c.  Bob to integrate publishers XSL into DocBook XSL.


>   d.  Bob to work with Norm to request Oxygen to implement
>       XInclude 1.1.


>   e.  Bob to add discussion of "DocBook Transclusions" to the
>       next agenda.


> 6.  Publisher's and eLearning subcommittee reports

No reports this month.

> 7.  XInclude 1.1 status.

Back to last call. Norm summarizes the changes in XInclude 1.1

> 8.  Jirka's "DocBook Transclusions" document

Jirka: we discussed some feedback on the last call. I have updated the
transclusion proposal to reflect that feedback as discussed. I also
aligned it with the latest XInclude 1.1 changes.

...It needs some copy editing then I think it's ready to publish. I
have a partial implementation of XInclude 1.1 and I have an XSLT
implementation of the transclusion processors.

Dick: I'm about a 1/3 to 1/2 way through doing a copy edit. I'll try
to get it back to Jirka this week.

Some discussion of ID *elements*.

> 9.  DocBook 5.1 release

Progress as previously reports.


I move that the TC approve DocBook Version 5.1 and all associated
artifacts packaged together in


as a Committee Specification Draft and designate the HTML version of
the specification as authoritative. I also move that the Committee
Specification Draft be released for public review.

Larry: aye
Norm: aye
Dick: aye
Jirka: yes
Scott: aye
Loren: aye

The motion passes unanimously!

> 10.  Review of Requests for Enhancement
>     To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):
>       https://sourceforge.net/p/docbook/rfes/300/
>     RFEs to revisit for 6.0
>     247   1907003  biblioid content model too broad
>    RFEs under discussion
>    Ticket  Tracker
>     260   2820947  Ability to transclude text
>     273   3035565  Allow sections at any level
>     291   3491860   license tag  (hold for 5.2)
>    No new RFEs

> Any other business?

None heard.


> [1] https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/201410/msg00002.html

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