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Subject: Action item - adding otherclass to article element

 > ACTION: Jirka to investigate use of otherclass for other elements.


I have checked all elements with class attributes. Apart from article the following elements have class attribute, but doesn't have otherclass:


However I don't think it is necessary to add otherclass to these elements as class values here are much more clearer and bounded.

OP also suggested adding both class and otherclass attributes to book element. I think that type of publication can be usually put inside info element as a metadata. Even if we decide we want class/otherclass here we would first to define list of allowed values. This would require significant research to types of books/sets/...
I would suggest to respond to OP to raise separate issue for this if he considers there is strong enough use-case for this.

However for article I think we should add otherclass, proposed schema change can be seen at:


I think this fulfills my action item.


P.S. Sorry for sending email from crappy Outlook, but I can post to TC only from corporate email address.


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