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Subject: Updates to publishers.rnc


It appears I do not have access to commit the attached file. All, please review and then perhaps Jirka can post?

Here is the summary of changes to add the accepted Publishers v1.1 features:
  • Removed duplicate restriction  (db.parameter = notAllowed)
  • Added poetry and line group to epigraph
  • Added stagedir to db.extension.blocks
  • Added inlinestagedir to db.extension.inlines
  • Allowed admonition elements
  • Revised restrictions to exclude html table elements properly
  • Added definitions for stagedir and inlinestagedir

Thanks and best regards,




Scott Hudson
Content Strategist

Training & Documentation
Global Services & Support


Jeppesen  |  Digital Aviation  |  Boeing

55 Inverness Drive East Englewood, CO 80112 | www.jeppesen.com


This document contains only administrative, uncontrolled data under U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Attachment: publishers.rnc
Description: publishers.rnc

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