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Subject: Re: Agenda item: Contacting OASIS member voters

Indeed. Kris Eberlein was kind enough to start a thread on the DITA list, so we’ve already gotten several votes from there. 

I’ve contacted Boeing and sent out a call over blog, FB and Twitter. If anyone has personal contacts on this list, they should contact them directly. Otherwise, I guess we could split companies by alpha?

I’ll take H, I, J?


From: "Kosek, Jiri (LNG-HBE)" <jiri.kosek@lexisnexis.co.uk>
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 9:00 AM
To: Scott Hudson <scott.hudson@jeppesen.com>, "docbook-tc@lists.oasis-open.org" <docbook-tc@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: RE: Agenda item: Contacting OASIS member voters



aren’t there just two weeks for this ballot. Might we should start splitting list on voluntary basis over email, so we will not loose one week.




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Subject: [docbook-tc] Agenda item: Contacting OASIS member voters




Last year, when the DITA TC was seeking approval for DITA 1.3 as an OASIS Standard, the TC split up the list of potential voters to personally contact them and encourage them to vote.


At our meeting next week, I’d like to propose an agenda item to divvy up the list at:


Thanks and best regards,




Scott Hudson
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Digital Aviation Learning & Development 


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OASIS DocBook TC, Publishers SC

OASIS DITA TC, Tech Comm SC, LW DITA SC, Learning Content SC

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