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Subject: 7/12/2017 DocBook TC meeting canceled (read for ongoing action items)

It looks like we won’t make quorum this time around, so we’re canceling tomorrow’s DocBook TC meeting.

Here are the current action items. Some of these have been closed or partially closed, but I include them here for the record.

The next meeting is August 9th. Talk with you then.

Best regards,

==== Action Items ======
- All: send Larry use case examples for adding license information to content.
- Larry: create some use case examples for adding license information and include any use cases contributed by other TC members.
- Bob: draft a message inviting interested people to join the DocBook TC. (the minutes were unclear whether this message was for distribution immediately or for distribution to the TC for further discussion.
- Bob: look into how the docbook wiki is managed and see if we can change it to use https. Related to github issue 72 (The DocBook websites should really be using https).
- Bob: Ask Jirka whether his actions have closed github item 78 (Schema website should be updated).
- Bob: Talk with Norm and work up a history of github item 88 (DB 5.0: @name -> title change not published on docbook.org)
- Bob: Ask Larry if he can take an action to look into github item 91 (Allow types (when used in method and function) to be more than 1 type.)

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