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Subject: 5.1 erratum

I'm following up on issue #88 @name -> title in schematron rules. I spoke with Chet, and we need to follow the OASIS Errata process, which is the following:

2.9 Approved Errata

A TC may approve a set of Errata to an OASIS Standard that it developed as Approved Errata by:

Adopting the set of proposed corrections as a Committee Specification Draft, in the form of a list of changes, and optionally accompanied by a copy of the original OASIS Standard text marked to incorporate the proposed changes, Confirming by Full Majority Vote that the proposed corrections do not constitute a Material Change, Submitting the proposed corrections for a 15-day public review, and completing that review, pursuant to Section 2.6, and After the public review, confirming the proposed corrections as Approved Errata by a Full Majority Vote.

Once approved, the Approved Errata shall be made available with the OASIS Standard it corrects, in any publication of that OASIS Standard.

A TC may not adopt Approved Errata to an OASIS Standard more than once in any six-month period.

I'll try and work up a Committee Specification Draft for the meeting.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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