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Subject: legalsection versus section in legalnotice

I'm following up on my action item to continue the discussion of the content model of legalnotice to support some kind of section. I have attached the sample files that Larry sent out 23 October 2018.

We were debating whether we should allow section within legalnotice or whether we should add a new legalsection element only for legalnotice. I'll try and summarize the discussion so far.

The first question I want to ask is whether we are allowing legalnotice to appear outside of info. That would make such a legalnotice into literal content that would always be rendered in the output, as opposed to metadata in info that may or may not be rendered. I believed we discussed this possibility, for example putting several legalnotices in an appendix, but I'm not sure what we decided. That decision would seem to affect how we structure legalnotice, especially if it contains sections.

So do we intend to allow legalnotice as regular content outside of info?

If we use section within legalnotice, I don't think we resolved whether we would alter the content model when it is used inside legalnotice.ÂÂ That seems to be something we need to decide as it affects the arguments for and against.

For example, if we change the content model of section inside legalsection, then you could not cut and paste sections in and out of legalsection without getting validation errors. Also, users of a content-aware editor would experience restrictions in their element selection that they might not understand. If we don't change the model of section inside legalnotice, then both of these arguments no longer apply.

So, do we need to change the content model of section inside legalnotice, and if so, how?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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