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Subject: refentry in sect1

I'm following up on my action item to look into issue #112 in which refentry is allowed inside section, but not sect1.

My research shows that refentry is not allowed in any of the sect1-sect5 sections. The content model of section in RNC syntax is:

ÂÂÂ element section {
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.section.attlist,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.section.info,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.navigation.components*,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.recursive.blocks.or.sections?,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.navigation.components*

db.recursive.blocks.or.sections =
 (db.all.blocks+, db.recursive.sections?) | db.recursive.sections
db.recursive.sections =
 ((db.section+, db.simplesect*) | db.simplesect+)
 | db.refentry+

But the content model for sect1 is:

ÂÂÂ element sect1 {
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.sect1.attlist,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.sect1.info,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.navigation.components*,
ÂÂÂÂÂ ((db.all.blocks+, db.sect1.sections?) | db.sect1.sections)?,
ÂÂÂÂÂ db.navigation.components*


db.sect1.sections = (db.sect2+, db.simplesect*) | db.simplesect+

and similar for sect2, sect3, etc. So these content models need to be amended to include refentry in a manner similar to the way the section element handles it. Note that refentry is not freely intermixed with other section types as legalsection will be, which will be more like simplesect.

We can do this refentry change at the same time we change sections to include legalsection for 5.2.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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