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Subject: study new synoposis changes before next meeting

Following up on my action item regarding the new synopsis elements, the responder had actually posted an alternative proposal when he responded to Larry's questions on May 8. First he updated his proposal to fix the issues that Larry raised, and provided a couple of examples.

He then proposed a new version allowing for text inside, making them almost equivalent to sections. He is now asking if this is the direction we want to go, so we should discuss this at our next meeting. Please read through this issue:


and look for "a new version allowing for text inside".

He also posted another comment in mid-June with a comparison of the Boost API (the Google Summer of Code project) and his proposal in a side-by-side table. We will need to review and discuss this before the next meeting. Look for the comment starting with "Just to make it easier to collaborate".

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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