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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] info in listitem?


Removing a couple of duplicates, this is my list:

   + Checklist [13/18]
     - [X] 14-Jun-17	allows multimediaparam in imagedata	[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/52][52]]
     - [X] 18-Jan-17	discontinue support for XSD	
     - [ ] 18-Jan-17	Allow revnumber inline			[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/7][7]]
     - [ ] 18-Jan-17	(Re)allow recursive use of optional 		[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/74][74]]
     - [ ] 21-Sep-16	license						[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/291][291]]
     - [ ] 11-Apr-18	XInclude support to Assemblies		[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/54][54]]
     - [X] 11-Dec-19	Allow info in listitem				[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/117][117]]
     - [X] 11-Oct-17	allow zero or more instances of type		[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/91][91]]
     - [X] 22-Jun-16	Allow Block Elements inside <abstract>	[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/58][58]]
     - [X] 22-Jun-16	Allow <modifier> within <paramdef>		[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/59][59]]
     - [X] 22-Jun-16	Allow <void> within <funcdef>		[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/60][60]]
     - [ ] 9-May-18	Fix namespaces and catalog (assembly)	[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/100][100]]
     - [X] 25-May-16	Add <danger> to list of admonitions		[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/55][55]]
     - [X] 22-Jun-16	Add article @class with other, otherclass	[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/53][53]]
     - [X] 11-Apr-18	Allow subfigures				[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/94][94]]
     - [X] 13-Jun-18	incorporate <formalgroup>	
     - [X] 13-Feb-19	refentry in sect1				[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/112][112]]
     - [X] 11-Mar-20	DocBook Library for code documentation	[[https://github.com/docbook/docbook/issues/111][111]]

There is no issue #291, whatâs âlicenseâ about?

Iâll see about sorting out the others this week or this weekend. Shall
we build a new beta after that?

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Tovey-Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>

> Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?--Toto

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