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docbook-tc message

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Subject: new synopsis elements

I wanted to follow up on finalizing the changes for the new synopsis elements in DocBook 5.2. Norm made some signficant changes and created PR 173 <https://github.com/docbook/docbook/pull/173> to check them in. Please review the changes in Norm's PR. Here is what Norm said to me when I asked if any other changes were needed.Â

Iâm* satisfied with that PR. Iâve lost track of what the person who
submitted the original proposal said. Iâve been waiting for the TC to
agree to my proposal (or not). I think a couple of folks said theyâd
review it, but I donât know if they ever did.

One problem is that the original submitter proposed content models were
completely inappropriate for DocBook. Iâm not trying to steam roll over
the guy, but it didnât feel like we were converging on anything. Itâs
hard to know how to find consensus under those circumstances.

This open issue is the biggest blocker at the moment, I believe. If this
was resolved at the next TC meeting, I think it would absolutely be
grounds for a new beta.

Bob Stayton

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