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Subject: Paligo and Docbook


This morning I spoke with Steve Wiseman, the product evangelist at Paligo, about whether heâd be willing to talk to us about how their cCMS uses Docbook.


The founder of the company Anders Svensson, is in Sweden, so the 2pm Docbook TC meeting time isnât conducive for him to join. Iâll send a list of questions to Anders sometime before the TC meeting.  Steve says he is aware there are some requirement gaps for Paligo, especially around learning and training semantic elements, but that Anders is the better person to articulate the details.  


Iâll draft a list of questions for Anders, and send to the TC for input. Weâll learn more about how Paligo uses the Docbook architecture, and get details about their requirement gaps. Then weâll have Steve join the next meeting, and heâll explain more about the product functions.


Steve also asked about joining the TC, but the details of OASIS membership isnât anything I have at my fingertips.

What are your thoughts about new membership?



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