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docbook-tc message

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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 09 JUN 2021

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 09 JUN 2021


The DocBook Technical Committee will meet on Wed, : 09 JUN 2021
(11am PDT, 12noon MDT, 1pm CDT, 2pm EDT, and 8pm CET)

  1. Roll call
  1. Accept the minutes [1] of the previous meeting (14 APR 2021).   

Next meeting: 14 JUL 2021

  1. Review of open action items

a.        Norm to update the Definitive Guide. [Continued]

b.        Scott to follow up with Norm for Twitter account access. Scott waiting for reply. [CONTINUED]

c.      Bob to discuss implementation of #141, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 156 with Jirka into next beta. [Jirka generated a beta Schema version, TC to test]. Bob to send a link.

      1. #111 comment threads on PR#160 seems to have arrived at consensus.
      2. #163 adding the transclusion attributes as common attributes in pull request #187
      3. #150  implementing legalsection as a class attribute in pull request #186
      4. #151 Schematron rule for callout type constraint:  implemented 
      5. #158 Remove Maven artifact dependencies
  1. Social media presence for DocBook

Purpose: To raise awareness of actions (votes, calls for information, etc.) 
No update. Norm posted to Twitter regarding updated TDG and beta v5.2b10a4. Still waiting for credentials from Norm.

  1. Vote to approve the proposed Committee Specification for DocBook 5.1.1 to fix the namespace on title elements in the Schematron rules.
    1. Document NameDocBook 5.1.1 Committee Specification Draft 01 zip file

  2. Remaining items for v5.2 Committee Spec

a.       Test v5.2 and v5.2 Publishers schemas

  1. Remanining issues


111 DocBook Library (tentative name) Status:  Norm implemented his suggestions and Bob approved the Pull Request merge.  Originator objected to the merge.  
ACTION: Bob follows up with Norm.


141 The definition of db._any is too narrow 
Status: CLOSED.


148 Should simplesect be allowed in legalsection? 
Status: CLOSED.


149 Should legalsection be allowed in topic? 
Status:  CLOSED.


150 Support legal sections with a class attribute? 
Status: Accepted.
 From 14OCT2020 minutes:

Adopt the @class="legal" for all of the sect levels, but let's leave unresctricted. Allow extension through the @class="other" and @otherclass attributes. Either section in legalnotice, or as a regular section with the class attribute would be considered.

             ACTION: Bob to follow up with Norm on implementation.


151 Add a schematron rule for the callout type constraint 
Status: Accepted and closed.  
ACTION: Check next beta


152 Add schematron rules for productionset reference constraints 
Status: Accepted, closed, and implemented.  
ACTION: Check next beta


153 Future use comments for XLink elements  
Status: This became the meta element in info.  Accepted, closed, and implemented in PR #176. 
ACTION: Check next beta.


156 docbookxi doesn't support XInclude 1.1 
Status: Accepted, closed, and implemented in PR #175. 
ACTION: Check next beta.


157 Propose algorithm float along with figures, tables, and examples? 
Status: This became type attribute. Accepted, closed, and implemented in PR #185.  
ACTION: Check next beta.


158 Get rid of docbook-schemas Maven artifact dependencies 
Status: CLOSED. Norm says this does not affect the schema but is a build artifact.


163 Add Transclusion Attributes to Assembly Schema 
Status: tentatively approved, need to see beta.  
ACTION: Check next beta.


164 Allow pubwork attribute on biblioentry 
Status: Accepted, closed, and implemented in PR #184. 
ACTION: Check next beta.


171 Support CRediT for contributor info and allow several roles? 
Status: Norm suggested using @role. Scott followed up and requestor is OK to implement using @role.
ACTION: Bob to ask Norm to implement it


172  DB5.1: Schematron anomaly with the rule: "Root must have version" 
Status: Accepted and implemented as 5.1.1 by Norm in PR #181.  
ACTION: Bob to prepare OASIS document to create a 5.1.1 approval process.


180 title and titleabbrev: do they both need to be either inside <info> or outside? 
Status: TC not inclined to change the schema.  
ACTION: Bob to ask Norm to update TDG to clarify this.


188 include.xsl doesn't work if there is div around overriden definitions inside include

Status: Jirka added a fix for this.

ACTION: TC to test schemas 



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