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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 08 FEB 2023

DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Agenda: 08 FEB 2023


The DocBook Technical Committee will meet on Wed, : 08 FEB 2023
(11am PDT, 12noon MDT, 1pm CDT, 2pm EDT, and 8pm CET)

  1. Roll call
  2. Accept the minutes [1] of the previous meeting (14 DEC 2022).   

Next meeting: 08 MAR 2023 (Scott has regrets, postpone to 18 JAN?)

  1. Review of open action items

a.  ALL: Test v5.2 CR 2 (https://github.com/docbook/docbook/releases/tag/5.2CR2  )

b. Bob: Include section 1.1 or appendix reference the location of our issue tracker on Github in CSD01

c. Bob: Add TDG v5.2 as normative reference in CSD01


  1. Social media presence for DocBook

Purpose: To raise awareness of actions (votes, calls for information, etc.) 

a.       ACTION: announce CSD01 when available


  1. Remaining items for v5.2 Committee Spec
    1. Revise DocBook 5.2 to make the @cols attribute mandatory on CALS tables
    2. Bob to create OASIS package for submission based on CR2 (COMPLETE)
      we expect it to be published at:
      The permanent "Latest stage" URI will be:
    3. Bob and Norm to coordinate build of the OASIS package.
    4. Update README.md on github

  1. Remaining issues
    1. #247 The cols attribute on entrytbl should be required
    2. #246 Impose stricter constraints on keycap?




Scott Hudson

Staff Content Engineer, Content Operations and Experiences



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