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Subject: DOCBOOK: DocBook for OASIS TC Meeting

The upcoming OASIS DocBook TC meeting will take place in conjunction
with XML'99 at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Philadelphia in the USA.

Monday, December 6, 9am - 5 pm, Room 406
Tuesday, December 7, 9am - 5pm, Room 409

The agenda is:

-- Review and approve Docbook 4.0 changes
-- Start work on Docbook 5.0 - xmlification of Docbook
-- Review status of docbookx and its relationship to the above.
-- Discuss (calmly;-) the possibility of formulating DocBook as an XML Schema.

If you are attending the XML'99 conference and you have the time and
an issue related to DocBook that you would like to see discussed, please
feel free to drop by.


Eduardo Gutentag

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